About Your Photographer

Hello! I'm Lisa, a Minneapolis photographer with a love for design and a massive sweet tooth.  I spend way too much time watching HGTV (Mostly Fixer Upper reruns) and Food Network.  I love cooking and not following recipes.  I tend to think outside the box.  I actually recently found an elementary school report card on which my art teacher wrote "doesn't follow project instructions."  A criticism which I'm now proud to have received.  Art isn't about following the rules! 
You probably want to know more about my photography and less about my favorite TV shows and schoolday prowess but I quickly wanted to add that I'm slightly addicted to The Bachelor/Bachelorette.  
My phototography style: candid and authentic.  My favorite moments have been caught when you forget the camera is there and can be yourself.  That's when the magic happens!  And it's my goal to make all of my amazing clients feel as comfortable as possible during our sessions as possible, which is one of the reasons I love holding sessions at your own home, capturing your family in your environment-- the first home you purchased together, those first few days home with your newborn baby in the unfinished nursery, the last days your family spent in the home you raised your children in.  These places are special to us and hold so many memories.  I want to capture those memories and your family's story in photographs. 
So why Balzofiore? My original last name was Balzofiore prior to my grandfather shortening it to Balzo. He was sick of his war buddies calling him "Balls of Fire."  So as an ode to my Italian grandmother who kept us laughing her entire life, 
Lisa Balzofiore Photography was born!